EMS Guidebooks that caregivers can carry

The EMS Guidebook mobile app allows your employees to have the data they need to give the care your patients deserve. It is fast, easy to use, and as current as you want it to be.

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You can have the world (or at least the features you need)

We know that there are several apps out there that can provide general EMS information. What we offer is an app that fits your agency with exactly what you need. Don't settle for "almost" what you want.


EMS Guidebook Tools

Currently, the EMS Guidebook has tools for determining Medication doses for common EMS medications, Glasgow Coma Score calculator, APGAR calculator, and a Vitals Recorder that will allow users to store vitals then send them as a text message to other providers.


Always Up To Date

One of the greatest features of the EMS Guidebook is that it doesn't have to be reprinted. It can be updated as protocols are updated. The protocols can be as current as the the user wants them to be.


Load Times are FAST!

Our turnaround times on your protocols are fast. Whether it be the addition of a new protocol, an update to an existing protocol, or the deletion of an out-of-date protocol, we don't mess around. Your EMTs need the correct data right now and we strive to keep it that way.